Eco-conscious Cleaning


Our COVID 19 Safety Policy

As per the Government guidelines cleaners are now able to go back to work. Now more than ever it's essential to clean your home regularly. We will be instructing our cleaners on heightened hygiene practices to minimise the spread of COVID 19. Please bear in mind we are an eco cleaning company so we will never advocate the use of non-eco cleaning agents such as bleach. Below are alternatives that work just as well in killing the virus.

  • All cleaners to report to me if they have any symptoms, however mild. I will then notify all clients of cleaning cancellation and find a cover cleaner where possible.


  • Likewise to keep our cleaners safe, all customers to inform us of any symptoms with as much notice as possible please.


  • All cleaners will be advised to thoroughly wash their hands on arrival to the job.


  • Customers and cleaners to keep a distance of 2 meters for the duration of the job. Or if possible to be in another room.


  • To work in a well-ventilated room preferably opening a window in each area to be cleaned.


  • All cleaners to wear clean clothing each day to minimize the spread of COVID 19.


  • Alongside our usual Eco products our cleaners will be asked to use the following.


  • Hydrogen peroxide a non-toxic version of bleach

  • 70% isopropyl alcohol

  • Liquid soap 

  • Eco-friendly anti-bacterial spray


  • We will advise that cleaners pay special attention to surfaces, doorknobs, and around bin areas using the above cleaning agents.


  • New or clean cloths on each visit or for all cloths to be washed at a high temperature between cleaning visits.

  • All equipment to be sanitised after each clean.



Please note that these are guidelines. We look forward to helping you keep your home spotlessly clean and germ-free during this testing time.